About Wayne Geffen

Wayne Geffen

Wayne Geffen is a native New Yorker born in Brooklyn, raised in Long Island and currently residing in Manhattan. He has always had a wandering mind and a creative, entrepreneurial spirit that has led him to venture into a number of businesses along the way. Wayne primary focus has always been in geopolitics and the energy sector – internationally and domestic. Over the last decade, the landscape for energy has changed drastically and it has had numerous ramifications both domestically and internationally, while effecting politics and how events play out on the world stage

While most of his downtime is focused on keeping up to date on global events and how they affect the energy landscape, you can also find Wayne discussing many political events that change how we live our daily lives. Outside of finance, he enjoy playing tennis with friends and family, as well as traveling and enjoying all that different cultures have to offer.

Wayne Geffen graduated New York University with a degree in Economics


If you would like to contact Wayne, please feel free to reach out to: info@waynegeffen.com